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What comes with my Mumdrop™ milk towel?

Each milk towel comes with one towel and one removable bedtime layer. Additional bedtime layers can be purchased separately. 


What is the milk towel made from?

The outer towel is made from 100% cotton print and a bamboo viscose towelling which is lovely and soft.

The bedtime layer has a microfleece stay dry layer close to your skin to draw moisture away from you, with two absorbent layers in the middle made from bamboo viscose. The outer layer of fabric is a breathable, waterproof polyester microfibre that retains the moisture within the bedtime layer.


My milk towel doesn’t fit – can I return it?

Please refer to the returns policy of the stockist where you have purchased your milk towel. 

When should I wear it?

Every woman is different. For light leakage, you may only need the milk towel without the bedtime layer to catch stray drips after a shower, or to provide a light barrier at night time. For heavier leakage, particularly at night, you may want to wear your usual maternity bra with breast pads, then wear the milk towel with the bedtime layer over the top. As your milk flow changes over time, you can change how you use the towel to suit your needs.


How often should I change the bedtime layer?

Hygiene is pretty important when you’re breastfeeding. No one wants to end up with any nasty infections so we recommend changing your bedtime layer for a clean one every night, particularly if you are a heavy leaker. Wash your milk towel often, just as you wash maternity bras and reusable breast pads.


Can I buy additional bedtime layers?

Yes, some stockists have these available and you can purchase then directly from the Mumdrop website. Please check the individual stockist websites for further details.


Can I breastfeed while wearing it?

Do bear in mind the main purpose of the milk towel is not as a feeding bra, but first and foremost as a means to absorb all that extra milk. From feedback we've had, some people find it easy to just drop down one side and feed, while others find it easier to remove it before feeding.

I have a large cup size, will the Mumdrop Milk Towel work for me?

The Mumdrop sizes vary in the length of the towel, but not the width, which is approximately 20cm. You can certainly use it when you have a larger cup size, but the larger your breasts, the lower the towel will come up and over your breasts at the top. This may still be comfortable for some and should still do the job if done up firmly, but please consider this if you have EE + cup sizes. We hope to have an addition style for larger cup sizes coming out in the future.


Any more questions?

Please email us if you have any other questions about the Mumdrop milk towel. We’d love to know what you want to know!

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