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What size should I buy?

The Mumdrop™ milk towel comes in four sizes S, M, L and XL. Each towel is adjustable in size both above the bust and underneath the bust using the snaps. The front edge is also elasticated to cater for breasts of varying sizes. If you have a larger cup size (EE+), please read below.

The following size guidelines are based on the wearer’s bra size (without cup) when breastfeeding.

The below table shows the size range of the towel when on the largest and smallest settings, both above and below the bust. Measure yourself above and below the bust to see which size range will fit you best. 

* The bottom of the towel is elasticated, so it will stretch slightly further than the top range measurement for under the bust. 

I have a large cup size, will the Mumdrop Milk Towel work for me?

The Mumdrop sizes currently vary in the length of the towel, but not the width, which is approximately 20cm. You can certainly use it when you have a larger cup size, but the larger your breasts, the lower the towel will come up and over your breasts at the top. This may still be comfortable for some and should still do the job if done up firmly, but please consider this if you have EE + cup sizes. We hope to have an addition style for larger cup sizes coming out in the future.



Make sure you are wearing the Mumdrop towel the correct way up, with elastic at the bottom (see instruction sheet supplied). If you have it on upside down there won't be anything holding your breasts in place and it won't work at all.

If you find your have got smaller as time goes by and your towel becomes too big, you can shorten the towel by taking a little dart/fold about mid-way along the back of the towel. Secure it with either safety pins, or sew it in place  - if you shorten it around the back all the front domes will still line up.  Obviously the towel will be more comfortable without this for sleeping, but if it means you get a bit more mileage out of it, this is the best way!


How do I wear my milk towel?

1. If using the bedtime layer, snap this on to the front of the towel using the snaps provided before you start.

2. Hold towel behind your back with coloured cotton side facing outwards and at the tapered point of the towel towards the bottom.

3. Fold the end with the hanging loop across the front of your chest.

4. Then fold the tapered end of the towel over the top and secure in place using snaps. You need to fasten it tight enough so the towel stays up by itself.

5. Pull lower corner of the towel under your bust and fasten snugly using the snaps.

When correctly fitted your Mumdrop™ milk towel should be very comfortable and firm, supporting your breasts and absorbing any stray leaks.

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