Hey Breastfeeding Mum!

Waking up with milk-soaked sheets?


Crazy milk let-down after a shower?

Why new mums choose a Mumdrop mILK TOWEL...

  • The unique patented design includes a soft toweling wrap, great for control of after-shower let-down

  • Each milk towel includes a removable inner layer capable of absorbing over 200mL liquid - lasts the whole night!

  • Absorbent layers are snapped on to the inside of the toweling wrap - no more escaping breast pads 

  • Adjustable fasteners adapt to daily changes in breast size

  • Easy access feeding by undoing top or bottom fasteners

  • Using a Mumdrop Milk Towel at night helps reduce the number of breast pads heading to landfill

How does it work?