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Our Story

The Mumdrop™ milk towel is one of those products designed out of necessity.


When I was breastfeeding each of my children I found I was constantly trying to dry myself after a shower while holding one hand across my chest to stop my milk flow. This was always difficult, often messy, and never particularly successful!

So I set out designing a towel that I could whip on as soon as I got out of the shower – it needed to be comfy, supportive and also look great. After endless prototypes the Mumdrop™ milk towel was born.

Since then the early designs have developed into something more professional, with additional absorbency layers that can be snapped on and off the towel. These “bedtime” layers are perfect for wearing at night to help keep your pyjamas and sheets dry, using extra absorbency together with a waterproof barrier. No more sleeping on a towel!


I hope you find the Mumdrop™ milk towel as useful as I did - and that it helps solve one little problem in your very busy life!

Mumdrop Milk towel
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