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I love it! I have a huge milk supply with a fast let down so I use it to let a little out before I breastfeed my little girl so she's not flooded. I leak a lot so being able to sleep in it with the knowledge that I won't be soaking through disposable breast pads allows me to rest easy. It's also brilliant straight after a shower. Great product and definitely needed. Thanks! - Amy, Auckland

Mumdrop has been a great solution for me. I try to use reusable products when I can, but the reusable breast pads I have been able to source weren't absorbent enough. It is great that at night times and after showers I can use my Mumdrop towel as a lovely and comfortable change to wearing a maternity bra and disposable breast pads. It keeps me dry, and I don't have the problem of breast pads moving around inside my bra - Isabel, Dunedin

This is such a clever product for Mums, my Mumdrop was gifted to me for my baby shower and I am so pleased I had it for when I got to Birthcare. As a new mum I didn't know what to expect when my milk came in. It really helped make that uncomfortable engorgement phase bearable! I've used it loads since and much prefer sleeping it in vs breast pads shoved in a bra. I would definitely recommend this product - Elise, Auckland

This is the product I had no idea I needed until I was breastfeeding! I used it a lot - especially after I'd showered (so I didn't leak milk everywhere as I was getting dressed/getting distracted by the baby on the way to get dressed) - and at night time. It was really comfortable to sleep in and great for night time feeds - you just fold one side down. It's beautifully made of soft fabric. Lovely gift for an expectant mum - Sarah, Auckland

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